Dr. Mark Green Files to Run for Congress

Green was the first to turn in a petition to the State Election Commission


Yesterday morning, Dr. Mark Green filed his nominating petition to appear on the August primary ballot with the State Election Commission and Coordinator of Elections. Yesterday afternoon, the campaign received notice a requisite number of signatures have been verified by the Division of Elections. 

“Our team had a great time in multiple counties collecting signatures for the nominating petition. We’re proud to be the first campaign to return our nominating petition to the state--and I’m excited about what it says about the strength of our organization and the enthusiasm of grassroots conservatives across the 7th district,” noted Green.

Green also completed his paperwork with the Tennessee Republican Party this morning. Petitions for the August primary first became available on Friday, January 5, 2018, and are due April 5, 2018

For a photo, please click here.