H.R. 1 Is Nothing But a Power Grab Designed to Elect Democrats

House Resolution 1 should really be called the ‘Fill the Swamp Act.’ This crooked piece of legislation would mandate a colossal takeover of the state election process to empower big government liberals and corporate interests. So, of course, Democrats are trying to force it through.

It seems every year that passes more and more power is shifted away from the people and into the hands of a wealthy, elite few in Washington. These politicians and bureaucrats love micromanaging more and more of our everyday lives. From our roads and bridges, our firearms, our relationships with our doctors, our elementary schools, our farms and even our toilets, these freedom and federalism hating politicians cannot help themselves from interfering with Americans’ choices.

But now, on top of all that, they want to dictate how states run their elections? They want to tell Tennessee to enact same-day voter registration, with no time for verification? They want to tell Tennessee we cannot require IDs to be shown at the polls, increasing the likelihood of fraud? They want to tell Tennessee that some unaccountable commission must draw its districts? They want to tell Tennessee it must subsidize far-left candidates in other states with taxpayer money?

How dare they try to strip Tennessee of its autonomy. H.R. 1 is nothing other than a power-grab designed to elect Democrats that will give the federal government even more power. This bill is wrong, and the American people deserve to know.

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