Mark Green: ‘It is Not a Crime for the President to Disagree with Career Bureaucrats’

U.S. Rep. Mark Green (R-TN-07) this week laid into Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA-28) in a Thanksgiving newsletter.

In the newsletter, which Green emailed to voters in his district, the congressman said Americans have grown tired of an impeachment drama “characterized more by speculation and hearsay than by actual evidence.”

“It is not a crime for the president to disagree with career bureaucrats on American foreign policy. The president, not the bureaucracy, sets the official foreign policy of the United States. Thus far, there has been no evidence that the president violated the law or acted outside of the powers of his office,” Green said.

“While Congress has spent weeks on the impeachment charade, it has neglected its basic responsibility to pass a budget to fund the federal government. Instead, Congress opted to kick the can down the road with another short-term continuing resolution that will run out on December 20th. This is no way to govern. Continuing resolutions are wasteful and harm our military’s readiness. We need stability; not stopgap funding that brings constant disruption and the threat of government shutdowns.”

As The Tennessee Star reported earlier this month, Green told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Democrats’ efforts to impeach the president had underwhelmed Green.

“If this is their shock and awe then I am yawning. A staffer overheard a phone call in a restaurant,” Green told Blitzer. “It’s absurd that we’re even having that conversation. That would not even be admissible in any kind of court proceeding. It’s just ridiculous. This is the best they’ve got.”

On Twitter, meanwhile, Green said Pelosi and Schiff “want to control our voices, our power, our freedoms, and our rights. They are framing the President and will continue to undermine the American people at every turn if we let them.”

In another post, Green said “Democrats have wasted everybody’s time” and that “This is exactly what President @realDonaldTrump was sent to the swamp to fix.”

Green faulted Schiff for calling two witnesses who had neither spoken with Trump nor witnessed him doing anything illegal.  “They relied on hearsay from others,” Green said.

“And they’re trying to impeach over this?”

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