Dr. Mark Green: The millennial choice for Congress

As a millennial small business owner in Franklin, I’m bothered that many of my peers chant for Bernie Sanders’ radical free tuition for all plan. While the plan sounds good in theory, it is simply unaffordable, unsustainable and unworkable. There is a better way.

I’m proud to support Mark Green for Congress because he understands that government and handouts are not the solution — they are the problem. Instead of growing government, Mark has consistently championed innovative ways to get government out of the way in order to lower cost and increase choice in every sector.

Mark’s leadership in the state Senate has led to more choice for Tennessee’s veterans, patients, business owners, teachers, parents and students, among many others. And now, if he’s elected to Congress, he has a new innovative idea that benefits all.

With costs of higher education skyrocketing and student loan debt at an unsustainable level, Mark has a new idea which essentially allows recent graduates and their employers to pay back student loans with pre-tax 401K dollars. This helps students pay off their debt faster and save money — and it helps employers attract talent. Best of all, his bill does it without adding a single penny to taxpayers’ backs.

Our generation often gets a bad reputation for wanting bigger government and more handouts. The path to prosperity and opportunity is not through the government; it’s through smaller government and more choice for all. Mark understands this, and will fight for real solutions. I’m proud to support him and hope you will too in November.

Cody Wheeler
Chairman, Williamson County Young Republicans