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Tennessee Congressmen Weigh-In on Washington’s Hottest Topic

Maury County’s congressional representatives Scott DesJarlais and Mark Green offered their insights into the climate of Capitol Hill during a Reagan Day gathering hosted by the Maury County Republican Party, calling the pursuit of the president’s impeachment a “travesty.”

REP. MARK GREEN: 5 Of My Democratic Colleagues Put Illegal Immigrants Before Our Troops

As one of 19 freshmen who have served our country in uniform in the 116th Congress, I’m honored to be part of the largest class of freshman veterans in a decade. Veterans bring a unique perspective and much-needed voice at the table in Congress.

INSIDE POLITICS: Fort Bragg veteran campaigns for Dan Bishop

U.S. Rep. Mark Green of Tennessee, who served in the 82nd Airborne, visited Fayetteville as the 9th Congressional District election got underway. Early voting started on Wednesday.

U.S. Rep. Mark Green: Dan Bishop is the choice for veterans

I recently came to North Carolina to support Dan Bishop’s campaign for Congress. While I was here in Fayetteville, I joined Dan for a roundtable with local veterans. I obviously supported him before I came — but by the time I left, I have no doubt that Dan Bishop is exactly who North Carolina’s veterans need in Congress.

Congressman Mark Green hosts Red, White and Blues at Old Glory

Clarksville, TN - Congressman Mark Green hosted his second annual Red, White & Blues event on Saturday at Old Glory Distilling Co.

Attendees enjoyed blues music and barbecue with all the fixings. 

Statement from Congressman Mark Green

Since I was 17 years old on The Plain at West Point taking the Oath of Office to serve our nation, I’ve dedicated my life to serving the ideals of our great country, its people, and its greatest needs.

Congressman Green presents the Tennessee Republican Party’s Statesman of the Year award for the 7th district to Jim Huggins on behalf of his late beloved wife Joy Huggins.

Honored to present the Tennessee Republican Party’s Statesman of the Year award for the 7th district to Jim Huggins on behalf of his late beloved wife Joy Huggins tonight. Thank you, Joy, for all you did for our Party, and our country! We miss you so much but will see you again. May God bless your family, and everyone you’ve impacted over the years.

Officials Defend Unborn at Rally

Federal, state and local elected officials defended the rights of unborn children at a Pro-Life Rally in Pulaski Saturday.

U.S. Congressman Mark Green, State Rep. Clay Doggett, State Sen. Joey Hensley, and 22nd Judicial District Attorney General Brent Cooper spoke to an audience at First National Bank’s Giles Heritage Theatre to discuss abortion and the need to protect the unborn.

Rep. Mark Green says House Democrats have not had a victory since they took the majority

(Nashville, TN - Fox News)

Tennessee Republican Rep. Mark Green weighs in on the future of a possible bipartisan immigration deal.

Democrats, Join Trump Against Russian Aggression

Democrats talk tough about getting to the bottom of election meddling and standing up to Russia, but their actions reveal they’re interested only in “getting” Donald Trump. Republicans have long seen Russia as a threat, and we—including the president—have acted to counter its aggression.