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Opinion | 'Dirt' says Green will be our champion in Congress

Why Dr. Mark Green for Congress? Easy answer. My name is Dirt. I was born on a West Tennessee rural route. I’ve been poor — as a child I lived on a dirt floor — and I’ve been what I thought was rich.

If Elected to Congress State Sen. Mark Green Would Propose Student Loan Payback Program With Employer Contribution Just Like 401Ks

Steve Gill and 7th District Republican Congressional nominee State Senator Dr. Mark Green (R-Clarksville) sat down for an extensive interview about Green’s candidacy for Congress , and his position on a broad range of issues important to Tennesseans.

OPINION: Mark Green outshines the other candidates for Congress


When Republicans go to the polls in the 7th congressional district on August 2nd, we will only see one choice for U.S. Congress.

OPINION: Mark Green is Clarksville’s own Congressman

By Steve Lomax

I have known Mark Green for over ten years; I could not be prouder or more positive in my choice to cast my ballot for him to represent us in Congress.

Dr. Mark Green Commentary: It’s Time for NATO to Draw a Line in the Sand in Ukraine

Today starts the annual NATO Summit with President Trump in attendance. Founded in 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has been one of the most effective alliances in history, from standing against the Soviet Union to cooperating fully in the War on Terror.

Opinion: Former colleague says Green has heart of a leader

I am writing this letter to share my experience with Dr. Mark Green and my full support for his election to the US House, 7th Congressional District

Tennessee Members of Congress Endorse Mark Green

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – U.S. Representatives Phil Roe, Jimmy Duncan, Chuck Fleischmann, Scott DesJarlais, Diane Black, Marsha Blackburn, and David Kustoff announced their endorsements of Dr. Mark Green’s campaign for Congress today. Without an opponent in the primary, Green will be the Republican nominee in the 7th district.

State Senator Mark Green Commentary: Why the Delay on Federal Judges?

Why are there still more than 30 federal judge nominees awaiting a floor vote by the U.S. Senate? These well-qualified nominees are broadly-supported and have all been approved by the Judiciary Committee.

Sen. Mark Green calls for special session to override veto on Cancer Patient Choice Act

Governor vetoed bill giving cancer patients proven alternative to radiation at the same price

State Sen. Mark Green, M.D. Commentary: When Government Becomes Too Powerful

After five days off life support, 23-month old Alfie Evans died over the weekend. Having a neurodegenerative disorder, doctors didn’t expect him to live long–but Alfie fought and hung in there for nearly a week.