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Combat Veterans For Congress PAC Endorses Mark Green

Group’s mission is to elect more combat veterans to Congress


Lt. Governor Randy McNally endorses Mark Green

Says “Senator Green has worked hard for his constituents”

FreedomWorks for America Endorses Mark Green

“Green is going to be a force for conservatives in the House”


Campaign for Working Families Endorses Dr. Mark Green

“Mark Green is not a politician. He is a leader.”

8 Mayors Endorse Mark Green for Congress

Green has been endorsed by 20 mayors


Dr. Mark Green Announces 4th Quarter Fundraising Total

Green reported $721,954 raised with $581,280 cash on hand


Mayor Ken Moore and Mayor Bob Shutt endorse Mark Green

Franklin and Savannah mayors join 10 other mayors in endorsing Green

Dr. Mark Green Files to Run for Congress

Green was the first to turn in a petition to the State Election Commission


10 Mayors Endorse Dr. Mark Green for Congress

Green announces first round of endorsements from mayors across the district

Sen. Jack Johnson Endorses Dr. Mark Green for Congress

Williamson County Senator calls Green "the perfect man for the job"