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GOPAC Election Fund Endorses Dr. Mark Green for Congress

Green continues to receive support from conservative leaders

Dr. Mark Green Signs Term Limits and Taxpayer Protection Pledges

Green pledges to support term limits and oppose tax increases


Release: Dr. Mark Green Announces Campaign Finance Committee

Legislators on finance committee represent 19 of the 19 counties in the district


Sen. Ted Cruz Endorses Dr. Mark Green for Congress

Conservatives continue to coalesce behind Green


100 Tennessee Conservative Leaders Endorse Green for Congress

"Green's support among grassroots conservatives in TN is unmatched"

Dr. Arthur B. Laffer Endorses Mark Green for Congress

Famed Reagan economist says "Congress needs Mark Green's leadership"


One month in: Conservatives are united

One month ago today, Camie and I announced that I was running for Congress! 

Dr. Mark Green Announces Campaign Team

Campaign will be led by a first-class team


Release: Family Research Council Action PAC Endorses Dr. Mark Green

Calls Green a bold leader of unwavering conviction


Sen. Rick Santorum Endorses Dr. Mark Green for Congress

Endorsement comes day after prominent Williamson GOP leader Doug Grindstaff appointed Treasurer