Tennessee Congressmen Weigh-In on Washington’s Hottest Topic

Maury County’s congressional representatives Scott DesJarlais and Mark Green offered their insights into the climate of Capitol Hill during a Reagan Day gathering hosted by the Maury County Republican Party, calling the pursuit of the president’s impeachment a “travesty.”

The two conservatives participated in a brief panel during the annual fundraising event for the local group, touching on the pursuit of President Donal Trump’s impeachment inquiry sparked by claims from an anonymous White House whistle blower.

House Democrats have been conducting multiple investigations through six committees with an impeachment inquiry focusing on allegations that the president called on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to initiate an investigation of political rival Joe Biden and his son.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that the former Vice President’s son, Hunter Biden, has engaged in nefarious business overseas.

The president has admitted publicly that he asked Zelensky to probe Biden’s son, who has connections to a business that was under investigation. But Trump said no pressure was involved, while The Washington Post has reported that the president asked his staff to put a freeze on military assistance to Ukraine at least a week before he made the request to Zelensky.

“It is a travesty what is going on in Washington D.C. right now,” Green told constituents at the start of the panel, with fervor in his voice and gestures. “This is insane. They have lost their minds. The speaker of the house, in a tyrannical method, has seized control. This is a threat to democracy. We have got to stand up to this across this great nation.”

In the House, Democrats who previously openly opposed impeachment have come forward in favour of the inquiry after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the formal inquiry last week.

DesJarlais, who remained cool throughout the discussion shared a confidence in the nation’s voters that President Trump will remain the spearhead of the Republican Party in 2020.

“It is going to come to a vote next November,” Dejalais said. “I think Trump is in a good place. He has got them right where he wants them.”

DeJarlais called the current state of politics an unprecedented moment in the nation’s history.

“It is so polarized,” DeJarlais said. “It is so divisive. There is work that needs to be done.”

Green continued, stating his optimism for the Party’s growth in the coming election cycle.

“I think the president is going to win,” Green said. “There are Democrats that are not going to support a socialist-communist. There is a movement in the democratic party that is basically socialist and we are seeing democrats come closer to us.”

Green said thinks there is a strong chance that Republicans will tae the majority in the House.

“If we don’t have the house, it doesn’t matter,” Green said. “Nancy Pelosi in power, it doesn’t matter. We will take back the House.”

A roar of applause then swept through the banquet hall on Columbia’s square.

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