Vote Green for Congress; here’s why


Special to The Daily Herald

Washington, D.C. seems to be neck-deep in the swamp these days. Politicians seem to forget the values of their constituents back home as soon as they step foot in our nation’s capital.

We really want and need someone who will fight for us and our Tennessee values, and not just for the powerful corporations and lobbyists that dominate D.C.

Tennessee, we can help “drain the swamp.”

This November, we urge you to vote for someone who has spent his entire life devoted to serving others.

In Congress, we need a fighter, someone proven to be a leader on the battlefield — both in politics and in Afghanistan and Iraq.

That is why we’re supporting Dr. Mark Green as our new congressman in Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District.

As a state senator, Mark successfully led one of the most ambitious fights in our State Capitol. Only one state in America’s history has ever repealed a state income tax once it became law — until Sen. Green showed up at the Tennessee State Capitol.

The Hall Income Tax repeal had been a priority for many politicians, but it was Mark who went to Nashville and actually helped get it done.

Mark Green is always dedicated to serving the people, no matter how large the task is to undertake. That sort of grit is very rarely seen today, as many politicians shy away from the daunting legislation like that—but not Mark.

We believe that grit came from his time serving our country in the Army. This is the type of man who, from a young age, knew that he wanted to risk his life in order to preserve the freedoms we as Americans often take for granted.

Today, he continues that fight on another battlefield — in politics.

Fellow, Tennesseans, the choice is ours, do we keep filling the swamp? Or do we send someone who is willing to take on the elites, willing to do whatever it takes to preserve what made America great?

The choice is clear: Mark Green for Congress!


Adam Runyon is interim chairman of the Maury County Republican Party.